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Black Canyon Coffee with Thai cuisine

Black Canyon coffee is a popular cafe chain in Thailand and i was wonderfully surprised to find an outlet here in Singapore. though it is not in a convenient place, it offers the commercial fusionopolis some variety from the limited F&B chains around.

Though in Thailand it mainly serves American style coffee, the one here included a thai food menu. If you ever are nearby, pls come for the food rather than the coffee. I loved som tum and it was great they had a variety of Thai salads.. up to 6 types if Im not wrong, and they also had the more normal Amercian style salad such as garden and nicoise salad. I had the somtum, but this one was made with carrots instead of green papaya. SUperb for low calories!

Carrot Som Tum

Fatt Choy Roll

Of course this is not enough for me before I go for a workout later, so i also ordered the Fatt Choy roll as they call it, which is a kind of ngoh hiang. $7 for 6 pieces, not too bad. And the som tum was a decent portion for $7. I;m sure it will make a good lunch spot for me again.

Angmokia order the chicken chop, which came in a huge plate, making the chicken look abit puny. But dont be deceived because underneath it sits a bed of mashed potatoes, enough to keep the growing boy filled up. =)

Chicken Chop

Price was value for money.. we spent about $30 together for 2 sides, 1 main and a drink.


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