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Flock Cafe– Yuppy cafe at Tiong Bahru

Pardon me for being ignornat but since 40 hands came into Tiong Bahru and the recent revivial of the area with all these indie cafes, I haven been here. So here. SO here I am after about 2 years(!) and after a recommendation from a friend finally made our way to Flock cafe here for brunch.

Vibe here is good; relaxed although its quite crowded. Food is priced affordably and good quality. Check out what we had:

Creamy Omelette with toast


Biggie Breakfast

The omelette is creamy and very satisfying. I wasnt feeling veyr hungry thats why I ordered this. I kept seeing other people having some smoked salmon sandwich or somethng which looked superb. Im so gonna go back there. I was satisfied with my omelette that day.
Angmokia’s breakfast platter was great- bacon, sausage, baked beans, 2 poached eggs and toast. Though he thought the latter was pretty small, lol. Oh i forgot, the portobello was sedap! It had this really intense smoky flavour.. slurps.

Swan song

It was all good value for money. And of course, the coffee was quite good, right notes of bitterness without being too acidic. I like!


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