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Central- Hongkong cafe but no dimsum!

Living opposite vivocity, I often walked past Central at the basement because it is just opposite Giant the Supermarket. After having eaten at Hongkong cafes a couple of times, I know that you can get cheap and filling food, but no quality. Variety… maybe. Its more a marketing concept targted towards youngsters who wanna dine in a restaurant I guess. Anyway my bf wanted to try for once at last so here we are on a weeknight.

I often saw people taking away these skewer things much like the ingredients of yong tau foo with szechuan spicy gravy so i had that on the side. It looked good and tasted very very spicy but as it was already 8 plus there were limited types of skewers left. Nevertheless they were good and I would most likely come to take away here some time!

A kind of lok lok? – Malaysian street fondue

I chose a ngoh hiang kind of thing, a fish cake and the chinese radish. Actually the latter was the best! Its the cheapest item but it was definitely cooked for very long so it was soft and absorbed the full flavour of the szechuan soup. They also came served in 4 types of sauce- the brown is a sesame peanutty kind, the 2 red are spicy/sweet spicy and the white one is a horseradish one which taste a little like a milder wasabi.  I liked the peanutty the best!

Prawn dumpling soup

The prawn dumpling soup is one of the better ones I had tasted in a HK cafe. They were huge and only came at $7 a bowl. Much bettet than the $6 one at the Food Republic on level 3. =P They each had like 2 prawns in each one! Soup was also very flavourful as well. The only bad thing is the skin is a little thick, but a great dish if you are hungry yet want something healthy.

Angmokia didnt eat lunch that day so he loaded up on the Pork chop baked rice. It was also much better than Kim Gary… more flavour, pork chop was tasty on its own.. look how sinfully cheesy it is!

Prok Chop Cheese Baked Rice

Fried fish Skin







and for fun we order the fried fish skin for appetisers.. these were alright.. but tasted a little like out of a packet.. not fresh like the ones at bosses.. but overall, not too bad as a snack. We were sorely disappointed they had no dimsum though… not even the most basic siewmai and hargow! Oh well, I guess we cant ask for too much since they already surpass our expectations in terms of quality..


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