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Timbre– Junk food heaven

How can you not order pizza while at Timbre? Its almost like a staple for me whenever I have dinner/drinks there. oh.. and the chicken wings!

I was never disappointed with the food with timbre. the pizza we had this time round was heavier than previous, with lots of cheese. We ordered the half and half where u get to choose 2 flavours for each half of the pizza– philliy cheese steak and pepperoni. I didnt really wanted it but oh my, i had 4 squares! =P

Half & Half

The phillip cheese steak is made of Sauté beef and Spanish onions with mushrooms and peppers, topped with orange cheddar and provolone cheese while the Pepperoni is Tomato pomodoro on a thin crust topped with mozzarella cheese and sliced pepperoni.

Previously I had tried the buffalo wings before– its so bad its good.. super fried in batter and a thick sauce over it so I wanted to try the normal wings, which isnt super healthy as well coz its fried. The portion looks small but its actually just right in portion for 2 together with the pizza.

What’s more, its my first time at Gillman and its great to be in the greenery.


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