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Watami–Favourite Casual Jap Restaurant revisited

I remembered there was a period of time i was quite crazy about Watami. Not that its food was superb, but more for the value and variety. Amongst the casual Jap restaurant chains I must say Watami still wins my heart. I think I didn’t come for about a year and was glad to find one in the Clarke Quay area where I was supposed to meet my friend.

Well firstly, expect the place to be crowded as due to its value, many large gatherings occur here and this isnt the first time I have noticed this. This time round, we witnessed a corporate dinner with about 20 Japanese beside us taking up the row of 4-5 tables.

Beancurd roll with avocado and prawns

Small serve Watami salad

For food, I tried one of their new offerings– Beancurd roll with avocado and prawns. I really loved it because I love beanskin and the dish was very fresh. In fact, it reminded me of the viet fresh spring rolls. However, there fillings were not very generous as I felt like i only tasted a small piece of avocado in one of the portions.

Salad was good because the sesame sauce is super addictive. I feel like its something i can eat everyday. There were slices of teriyaki chicken and tuna mayo. =)

I guess I will go back to Watami very very soon again. =)


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