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Brotzeit–Food so good, skip the beer!

I often love eating at Brotzeit; it must be one of the best beer place that serves superb food. I cant count how many times I have come with friends to have a drink and we just end up ordering the pork knuckle. This time around, it was just me and my boy and it was weird coz he wanted the mozarella salad and because we just did a 12 km run and were so famish we ordered the regular mozarella salad and the sausage platter.

Mozarella Salad

Sausage platter

The salad was very fresh and perfect for 2 to share– love the mozarella balls and the bits of sun-dried tomatoes which added a tangy hint to the salad. THe sausage platter was a surprisingly good for me, given that I am quite sensitive to the ‘porky’ smell usually and I dunno if it was the hunger from the run I polished off more sausages than I could usually.

In fact, the funny thing is being one who often prefers chicken and white meat, I actually found the spicy pork ones quite yummy. Good for 2 to share and always goes well with a good portion of sauerkraut. =)


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This entry was posted on September 25, 2013 by in Food, Western food.
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