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B Salad– My favourite everyday lunch salad

I think i finally found a daily salad that I can eat that fills me up and doesnt put a hole in my pocket. Thanks to the recommendations of one of the readers, I found B salad at Amoy Street! And although there are salad shops aplenty in Amoy food centre (last count was 4) I like that B salad doesnt have horrendous queue and you get a premium item together with 4 other toppings at just $5. The other stalls I saw often come with normal toppings at $4.90 and no protein means it doesnt fill me up enough.

The Wafu dressing is just supreme and up till now, I havent got sick of it enough to try something else. And what’s more, they’ve got my favourite tempeh!! yumyum nomnom.. So in the picture above, I’ve got a bed of lettuce, and i added 4 normal toppings-carrot, asparagus, tofu cubes and tempeh.. and the premium i often chose broiled chicken.. and I love that they are not stingy with the portions!!


Love love B salad!


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