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Coffee Club–Splendid Sandwiches

I can’t believe I didn’t eat at coffee club for ages but went there twice this week! Instead of my healthier post days earlier, I opted for a sinful cheesy sandwich this time round coz i was feeling angsty. lol. Food cures all mood swings isn’t it? Anyway no I was genuinely hungry and I’m not a big fan of pasta so I had a shot at their sandwiches. If you love cheesy stuff, you would definitely love their sandwich. I had a french moment looking at their menu. hehe.

I chose the chicken and turkey sandwich because it had lots of protein. It was supposed to be topped with scrambled eggs but mayb i was too busy talking i only remembered the thick blanket of cheese.

Chicken and Turkey Sandwich

At first when i saw gruyere cheese I was afraid it might be too strong for me… and when i looked through the cheese there were some patches that looked like ‘mould’ but after digging a little realised it looked more like spices/tapenade. hehe. In any case it was still a good dose of the melted goodness and I must say for $13 I thought it was quite alright. I’l probably try out the mushroom melt sometime soon. =)

My friend ordered the croque monsieur and similarly, we felt the portion was quite large and filling. It was cheesy in a different way and again, the creamy Bechamel sauce and mozarella makes for an overdose.

Croque Monsieur

Well, what can you say about a place that I go back twice within a week, knowing how fickle I am with food? =P


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